When you retain the assistance of our firm, you can be confident knowing a seasoned legal advocate is fighting for your compensation. At our firm, we make it a priority to ensure our clients get the legal support they need following a workplace accident.

We service clients throughout California and can provide representation for cases involving: 

  • Specific Injuries;
  • Cumulative Trauma Claims;
  • Death Claims;
  • Internal Injuries;
  • Stress Claims;
  • Psychiatric Injury;
  • Neurological Injuries;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • Denied Claims;
  • Accepted Claims with Disputed Body Parts;
  • Medical Treatment Disputes;
  • Utilization Review Disputes (UR);
  • Independent Medical Review (IMR);
  • Temporary Disability Disputes;
  • Modified Duty / Work Restrictions Disputes;
  • Permanent Disability Disputes;
  • QME Medical-Legal Evaluation Disputes;
  • Life Pension Cases;
  • Permanent Total Disability Cases; 
  • Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund Cases; and 
  • Negotiating Settlements.
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